Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I Love I.D.I. and they love us!

Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to attend not one but TWO lectures from Dr. Claudia Aguirre of Dermalogica! Dr. Claudia is a brilliant Neuroscientist, that works with Dermalogica and the International Dermal Institute, who travels the world giving lectures on the brain and skin connection. She effortlessly presents information to estheticians, medical professionals, and other beauty industry members about everything from hormones to nutrition.

Dermalogica is a line that I work with a lot, it's a great brand to teach to students because it's so custamizable. Not only that but understanding the basics can help the students with the other lines they encounter. I'm just in awe that this line stemmed from the International Dermal Institute. Love it or hate it, lemme gush a little on IDI...

  In the industry, there are so many advances and scientific shifts in the services that we offer and the products that we use. IDI has been a wonderful resource to continue my education and learn different therapies to bring to the classroom and treatment room. If you are an esthetician, check out the International Dermal Institute for classes, trainings, and guest speakers coming up! If you aren't a fan of Dermalogica then that's fine, they have training that is general and informative for skin altogether. Even if you aren't in the industry, this site has tons of articles that cover many of skin topics!

I'm excited to get to go the Dermalogica Symposium in September  in L.A.to listen to seminars and network! It's going to be my first out of state training and I couldn't ask for a better one to get to attend.

PS. Jane Wurwand is an AMAZING woman. Her philanthropy is inspiring and she's just a "girl-power" kinda lady that I adore. Her blog has some pretty wonderful tidbits as well.