Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Professional Vs...Not.

Can you remember the last time that you were so sick that you had to go to the doctor?

The last time I had gone to the doctor, I had a sinus infection that I could not shake. It was miserable, not matter how many Tylenols I popped for the pain- it was bothering me. So, I had to gather all my energy and finally make an appointment. When I went in I waited about 45 minutes in the waiting area, got called back and sat in a very bare room, waited another 15 min for a nurse to come fill out my chart, nurse left and another 10 minutes passed until I saw my doctor. He asked me a few ho-hum questions and scribbled on a little tablet. And there it was...the answer to all my problems...a prescription to feel better! TADA!

No imagine that you are suffering from something a little less dramatic...sort of. Working in a spa, I've had many people present me with challenge after challenge. " I want to look 20 years younger. I want to clear up my skin. I want to get rid of the unwanted spots.." While I can do my darndest while you are on my table results come from 30% treatment and 70% at home care. Which means I will have to PRESCRIBE you product for maintenance and to look better! Think of your skin care professional as a doctor and their prescription as their take-home recommendations...if you want to see a change, you have to follow instruction. Not only that but if you're wanting to "get better", professional skin care products are going to do the job better than what you can get in the aisle of your convenience store (oh hey, kind of like your medication when you're sick!).

How can you tell the difference?
The difference between Over the Counter (OTC) and professional products are that professional products are sold at establishments in which a licensed esthetician or medical practitioner are located.  For you to be able to get the results you need and to get clear instruction it has to be so! Professional products have a higher amount and quality of ingredients designated for balancing out the skin and/or treating skin conditions. A lot of these professional products contain ingredients that could do some damage if not used correctly. OTC products can be sold by anyone, usually aren't recommended based on YOUR needs only what you think your needs are, and in the end can cost you more money for the results you want. Used correctly, your professional products will cost you less and with quicker results than the OTC messes.

And that's just professional product...don't make me show you pictures of crazy people doing professional grade treatments at home...seriously. Would you inject yourself with a vaccine? Probably not. Something could go wrong! You aren't the expert! So leave it to those who are! Plus, I don't think giving yourself a massage feels as good as getting one by a professional.

So needless to say, I'm an advocate for your local esthetician. Need one? Check out Spa Finder for day spas and medspas in your area. Sign up with their newsletter and they'll even send you info on SPA WEEK which is an amazing event where a gazillion spas offer discounted services! Who could pass that up? Even if you don't have a challenge...atleast you could go in for a wellness "check up".

I'll get off my little soapbox now...but what would you guys like to know? I'm open to some questions! If you aren't up to posting a comment feel free to email me at soskinsmart@gmail.com. Let's hear it!

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