Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Where To Start Your Smart Skin Decisions

Growing up I've always heard, "beauty is only skin deep..". 
A cliche we've all come to love and know. However, as a licensed esthetician I've grown to understand it's true meaning. To really appreciate beautiful skin is to chase after it like millions of us around the world are!

Maybe I need a little introduction- my name is Chelsea and I'm a licensed esthetician and esthetician instructor. So I assure you, this comes from a good place! Obviously my students have a ton of questions but I also have many clients who all wonder the same things...what will work for me? So this blog as stemmed from those pleas! So here we go...

Did you know that $53.7 billion have been spent by the U.S. alone in 2013 on COSMETICS? Cosmetics are defined as products "intended to be applied to the human body for cleansing, beautifying, promoting attractiveness, or altering the appearance without affecting the body's structure or functions." That's a lot of money being invested in our beauty wouldn't you say? The majority of that money stems from make-up which is used to enhance your beautiful features and conceal the less attractive...but the rest? The rest of that money is spent on those skin care products that fill that space under your bathroom sink. And why does it sit there out of sight? Because those products don't work for you or they don't live up to expectation. How do you know which products are for you?

Or what about that cool  skin treatment you just saw on that reality TV show about over-privledged sisters? Does it really work? In 2011, the spa industry's revenue was recorded at 13.4 billion dollars!  Not only is that money spent but what about the hours spent at the spa? Is it worth it? No worries, you have the internet...the answer to all your problems! Maybe. You can go on Youtube these days and find people doing chemical peels on themselves at home with no education whatsoever! For every successful one there is probably 5 botched "at home treatments". Is a chemical even the right treatment for you? So please, don't burn your face off!

As a professional, my ultimate goal is to educate everyone on not what's the trend but really the basics and foundation that you as a consumer need to know.  It's only then that you can come to a conclusion on what your skin care regimen should entail, what ingredient best suits your needs, what plan of action is going to help you with your skin care challenge. Not only am I here to tell you what you need but how your skin represents your internal health. With my background and knowledge I hope to answer some of your questions and infulence some of your smart skin decisions!

Looking forward to jumping right in!

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